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Would You Eat This……TAP Edition?

I'm skinny

The above is the unwanted Trout skin from this week’s dinner at TAP. Lauren is not a big fish skin fan, and I gladly accept and consume her discarded seafood bits. While this particular skin was not crispy (the desired fish skin texture), the flavor was of a strong fish concentrate (in a good way). No doubt about it – I will continue to eat fish skin that is served to me as well as the unwanted skin on others’ plates.


Would You Eat This…..Trout Tartar?

3 little pigs

3 little pigs

Not yet reflected on the current online menu, trout tartar started out my meal at Bacchanalia this past weekend. Some of my dining companions declined a taste of the appetizer, due to the fish chosen for the tartar. While Trout is not the usual culprit for a raw & chopped preparation, the oily fish does live in the Salmonidae family, in the same genre as Salmon. Plus, our server assured me this starter was a ‘masterpiece’. It was beautifully presented on a glass plate, resting on a bed of crushed ice. I particularly enjoyed the texture of the smooth fish chunks with a dot of creamy sauce on top. It was a small portion with a mild flavor – a superb way to start a long and winding meal.

Don’t be scared of Trout Tartar.