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Would You Eat This….Sushi House Hayakawa’s Specials


When visiting Sushi House Hayakawa, I have been riskier in my ordering. I’ve tried new things; ordered what was freshly flown in from Japan. Simply put, I’ve been sky diving sushi style.

Take the dish in the photo above. Can you tell what it is? No? Take a closer look.


what am I?

Need a bit more light?

Ah, there it is – Raw Octopus in a Wasabi sauce! I have been wanting to eat raw octopus ever since I saw Anthony Bourdain and David Chang chomp on live octopus in Queens on a recent episode of No Reservations. The staff stared at me and asked me questions like “have you ever eaten raw octopus before?” and “are you sure you want that – the texture is ‘different’?”. This led me to believe I was embarking on a dangerous adventure; one that may end badly (god forbid I leave that night with disdain towards the lovely octopus).

When the small bowl arrived, it looked harmless enough. I noticed the octopus was cut into small pieces, most likely to avoid any chewiness. I took a small piece, let it explore around my mouth, and swallowed. The texture – I loved! The taste on the other hand was of an extremely strongly wasabi, so much so that I could not even get all of the octo down. I couldn’t taste much other than horseradish at full blown strength. I want to try raw octopus again – but this time I will ask Hayakawa to go easy on the wasabi.

Anyone else want to eat this?

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Sushi House Hayakawa
5979 Buford Hwy. Red & Green Steakhouse Shopping Center A-10
Atlanta, GA 30340