Would you eat this…Greek delicacies?

Octosquid is still out of town, but let’s give a warm welcome to the next guest blogger, OctoSis (the one who bought macarons, not the one who ate at Mother Kelly’s):

Hi Octosquidlets! Even before this baby blog was born, Octosquid loved to look at pictures of food. So last summer, when OctoBrother-in-Law and I went on our honeymoon in Greece, I made sure to document many of the delectable meals we ate so I could share them with my sister. Today, I will share two of the more unusual ones with you, and it seems appropriate to ask — would you eat this?

The wedding diet is OVER.

The wedding diet is OVER.

On our first night in Athens, OctoBrother-in-Law dove right in and went for a big, juicy octopus. He was kind enough to let me taste it. Like most of the Greek delicacies we would come to know and love, the octopus was prepared simply — grilled with olive oil and seasoned with simple salt, pepper and other spices — to allow the succulence of the octopus meat to shine through.  OctoBrother-in-Law recalls, “It was grilled nicely and was squishy on the inside.  The suction cups were sticky on my tongue, and the olive oil had fresh citrus notes.”  As you can see, it was served over a salad of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers.

A few Greek islands later, I tried an adventurous meal of my own:

Way too good to be canned.

Way too good to be canned.

We were on the island of Naxos, dining Aegean Sea-side, so seafood was a no-brainer. This lunch of sardines was perfect! Grilled in olive oil and served over a bed of arugula, their flavor was reminiscent of whitefish.  (As any self-respecting New York Jew knows, this is a good thing.)  The fish meat was white in color and flaked easily off of the bone.  The sardines were accompanied with a light vinaigrette and some lemon for the diner to use as desired.  Since the best way to eat these little fishies was to use my hands to pull the meat off the bone, the lemon served an important second purpose of cleaning up my sardine-scented fingers when lunch was over.

Foreign slimy octopus and bony fish that require you to get your hands dirty — would you eat it? (I would. And did!)


4 responses to “Would you eat this…Greek delicacies?

  1. I think I’m seeing some common threads in all of our blogs- we’re food obsessed, we love fish and seafood (especially octopus)- and we’re not afraid to bare all this to the world! Makes a mother proud…

  2. me too! I am food obsessed also and i just got a new camera so maybe i will take pictures and eat delicacies!

  3. I am enjoying reading the Octoguest’s blogs and find that Octosis is truly clever.

  4. I would so definitely eat this… the squid and sardines look finger licking good.

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