Would You Eat This…Cloudberry Preserves?

I'm Swedish

I'm Swedish

The only benefit to my foodie friend moving across the country is my accumulation of her uneaten (and unopened) goods. She does not want to ship heavy boxes full of jams, spreads, and pantry items from Atlanta to Los Angeles, so I generously offered to take everything off her hands. The first thing I dug into was a jar of cloudberry jam. Imported from Sweden, the jam is sweet but also slightly tangy. The seeds of the fruit create a crunchy texture that does not bode well for people with proclaimed ‘texture issues’. I for one am not one of these people and enjoyed the jam by itself:

you can see the texture

you can see the texture

But I prefer it combined with peanut butter on a toasted Arnold Thin:

pour some jam on me

pour some jam on me

Would you try cloudberry spread?


2 responses to “Would You Eat This…Cloudberry Preserves?

  1. Most definitely! But then again, I’ve eaten goat tongue, so cloudberry doesn’t really freak me out 😉

    You say it is sweet/tangy, but is there any other fruit that tyou can liken it to? A snozberry perhaps?

  2. Sounds and looks yum-o!

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