J’ Chanceux Macaron

Look at this beauty of a gift my sister got for me:

box full of love

perfect pastry post meal

She showed up at Thanksgiving dinner with a neat, little box of tasty macarons. For those of you who have not been introduced to the hamburger-shaped French pastries, they are “a traditional French pastry, made of egg whites, almond powder, icing sugar and sugar”. (wiki)

As told by Darby,” a new bakery opened with the cutest little lady owner – and she makes macarons’. That bakery is called J’ Chanceux Macaron and has only been opened for a few weeks.

info, held up by Darby

We did a taste testing in her apartment the next day. We got through them all, but since we were stuffed, never declared a winner. Looking back, the flavor that left a lasting impression on me was the coffee. It was sweet, but had a tinge of bitterness that added another dimension to the dessert.

Macarons are one of my all-time favorite treats – small enough to taste a few, crunchy with a melt-in-your-mouth outer layer, and a touch of cream.

If you live in New York City, go try out J’ Chanceux and give the little lady a chance.


5 responses to “J’ Chanceux Macaron

  1. Glad you liked! Next time, we’ll go to the shop and pick favorite flavors to try. Also, we’ll dig in before you’ve eaten dinner, a second dinner and dessert!

  2. I found the place while wandering around during the Holidays. As I passed by the store on Mott Street, I had to do a double take to the colorful treats that caught my eye. I went inside and a young lady came out from the back. We talk briefly about her place. You can tell from how she reacted that she is very committed to her product. I ended up buying a 6er and finished it in 3 days. They were delicious. Will get the 12er next time. Would make great gifts.

  3. I have never had macarons before in my life since I don’t really eat sweet, I passed by this colorful-cute store, and I had to try some of those. I loved it!!!!!! They were amazing…

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