Grey Dog’s Coffee in NYC

I’m headed back to NY tomorrow for the holiday weekend, and my mind is already racing with all of the restaurants and coffee shops that will be nearby. During a trip this past spring I was introduced to Grey Dog’s Coffee on University Place. The vibe of the shop was laid-back, the coffee was super strong, and the scenery reminded me of my other home:

Atlanta on the table top

The tabletop had an extensively detailed map of Atlanta, complete with image representation. It was a cool collision of my 2 worlds – and it occurred by happenstance. Another funny, but not completely random occurrence is the focus on Grey dogs. I own a dog named Gray (which was part of the reason my friend chose this coffee shop for our meeting place). Other aspects of the decor reminded me of doggy back in Atlanta:

not the cutest pooch

My little lamb is quite a bit cuter not quite as grey:

I’ve only visited Grey Dog’s Coffee once, but I am left with fond memories and a yearning to go back. Maybe I’ll be able to make it this weekend…..

P.S. They deliver:

The Grey Dog's Coffee on Urbanspoon

The Grey Dog’s Coffee
(212) 462-0041


One response to “Grey Dog’s Coffee in NYC

  1. Some of my favorite things…you, Gray, coffee, Thanksgiving, NYC – you in NY. Can’t wait!! xo

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