Pig’s Face on the grill

I have returned to this photo over and over again. Ever since this little piggy stared me down at the Cabbagetown Stomp & Chomp Chili Cook Off, I have edited and re-edited the pic. And the more I look at it, the weirder I feel. The scorched porkster looks almost content; maybe even happy. Or maybe I’ve just convinced myself of that over the past 2 weeks. I just wonder who ate this guy’s face and if he/she has been thinking about Mr. pig as much as me…


3 responses to “Pig’s Face on the grill

  1. So how did I miss that? I would have gladly eaten some pork cheek…

  2. Dios mio! That’s enough to keep me pesca FOREVER. This little piggie will not be looking for meat at the market.

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