Ice cream social

I bring happiness to the people

You know you work at a cool company when this dude shows up on a Friday afternoon. Time for a ice cream sundae social at work!

We even had a choice of flavors:

who got the sherbert?

and a table full of sugary toppings:

I went with Moose Tracks (vanilla with peanut butter cups and chocolate fudge) topped with rainbow sprinkles and a drop of chocolate syrup. I really wanted to take a picture for y’all, but you know the ice cream rule – eat quickly, before it melts.


2 responses to “Ice cream social

  1. I also went with the Moose Tracks and loved it. I have had the Publix brand but Mayfield blew them away! I also topped my bowl of self-indulgence with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Awesome!!

  2. This is your most disturbing post to date. The pig face and squid is all fine by me. First, I can’t believe you ate vanilla ice cream — doesn’t matter what’s in it — it’s still vanilla. Second, and more disturbingly, you used the word “y’all” and not in an ironic way. Thank god you’re coming back to NY next week. You need an intervention.

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