How NOT to make carrot soup

Recently, I was gifted an abnormally large bag of baby carrots (Costco size). After many bowls of chicken soup, there were still more carrots than I knew what to do with. I have been wanting to try using a blender to make soup (as seen on Iron Chef America) and this was my opportunity.
It all started with fully cooked, tender carrots in chicken stock:


please don't puree me!


any last words?


into the blender they went


carrots pureed


transferred into a pot for some heat


added salt, pepper, indian ginger powder


and old bay seasoning


and chili powder, ground cloves, sesame seeds


more sesame seeds on top for texture

It was NOT good at all! I forced myself to eat a bowl, but the rest went down the drain. What did I do wrong???


I am a major failure


4 responses to “How NOT to make carrot soup

  1. Hrm…looks like a case of not enough stock. I usually add a little more liquid than needed so I can adjust the consistency when blending

  2. You could try what they do for sauces on TV and run it through a sieve.

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