St. Regis Atlanta: Room Service Breakfast

Squid Dinner 016

classy or crazy?

During a temporary brain lapse, I thought it would be wise to experience the newest 5 star hotel to hit Atlanta : the St. Regis in Buckhead. As it turned out, my mental break provided me with hours upon hours of joy (followed by weeks and weeks of no money). To cap off my stay and ensure the hotel remains in business for the next few minutes, I ordered the most expensive breakfast of my life: room service granola and eggs.

While the food was not exceptional (and we ordered quite simply), the coolest part of the experience was watching the dude set up a fully dressed table complete with coffee and all the necessary accouterments.

Squid Dinner 030

purple pleasure

My beverage of choice was a smoothie made with berries and vanilla protein powder. ‘Twas good.

Squid Dinner 117

guess who took home the tiny jams and ketchup?

House-made granola with a side of berries was a bit too sweet for my liking, and you could see the crystallized sugar on the little oat bits.

Squid Dinner 169

what's hiding under there?

Squid Dinner 168

poached eggs

The eggs came with an interesting serving of vegetables as well as toast. We did have to send back the first batch of eggs, as they were overdone.

But they got it right the second time around and all was good in the world,
Squid Dinner 152

except for my finances…..


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