Lee’s Bakery on Buford Highway


we've got lots of stuff

After eating at Co’m last weekend, I sauntered next door to look at the bounty of goodies at Lee’s Bakery. They’ve got quite a variety of snacks lined up around the walls:


Since I was pretty full, I settled on a mung bean cake to dip my toe into the water.

Unfortunately, I got slapped with a $10 credit card minimum and left empty handed. When I return, I want to be armed with the proper knowledge to purchase the good goods. What’s the word on Lee’s? Anything I must try?

Lee’s Bakery
4005 Buford Hwy NW
Atlanta, GA 30345-1684

Lee's Bakery on Urbanspoon


5 responses to “Lee’s Bakery on Buford Highway

  1. The best thing about Lee’s bakery is that it is right down the street from Quoc Hong in the Asian Square. Enjoy the moon cookies and pastries, but for lunch go off the menu and order a tofu Banh Mi for $2.50 or stick to the BBQ pork and try the best BBQ sandwich this side of D.B.A. BBQ.

  2. foodnearsnellville

    This place is one of the two best (Quoc Huong is the other) banh mi shops in the city; check out reviews by BuHi on Eat Buford Highway for more details. But this scene has been touched on by Jennifer Zyman, Chloe Morris, Foodie Buddha, Eat Buford Highway and myself.

    The soups can have fish sauce here. Be warned :o.

  3. chocolate croissants!!!

    those and the steamed rice cakes.

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