Co’m Vietnamese Grill on Buford Highway


Co’m Vietnamese Grill is an ethnic restaurant that I visit more than any other. It’s consistently good, the food comes out fast, and it is one of the better places that is the shortest distance from the city. I haven’t tried out too many dishes because I am far too infatuated with the ones I always get.


Viets make salad a celebration


I'll never cheat on you

A combination of mango, papaya, apple with any choice of protein (I chose shrimp) topped with fresh herbs, crushed peanuts and a spicy chile sauce. The chopped up ingredients create a texture that is uber pleasing to my mouth and the flavors of the sweet and salty excite my tastebuds. This salad is a part of every meal I have at Co’m and will continue to be.


stuffed leaves

What a cool concept! I had never tried grilled grape leaves stuffed with a meaty substance until I started eating at Co’m. I always choose salmon to fill up my leaves and it never disappoints. The salmon is ground up and resembles a hamburger texture, while the leaves are crisp. It’s hard to break the rolls into pieces, so you are better off not sharing :).

Seafood fragrant rice topped with flounder is Lauren’s go-to dish. It is also served with the spicy chile sauce, which fits on almost anything Co’m serves up.

Notice that weird looking pate-like thing on the side of the plate? Have a close look:


what in the world?

Lauren requested a single shrimp crabcake as a tester item. And for 75 cents, she got this gray-looking slab. It was interesting to say the least. I didn’t love and I didn’t hate it, but I won’t be ordering it anytime soon.

Lastly, it is important to visit Co’m if you need a caffeine/sugar kick to the dome. The iced coffee can jolt you back to life and send you off to complete your day at lightening speed. Maybe stick to these before 8pm to ensure a sound sleep.


not as innocent as I look

Co’m is mostly known for the grilled meat, but I can vouch for the lovely grilled fish and seafood preparations they are knocking out of the kitchen. I would steer clear of the cakes and balls and stick to the seafood in its natural shape and form. No one needs to eat a gray slab of sea.

Co’m Vietnamese Grill Restaurant
4005-E Buford Hwy.
Atlanta, GA 30345
404-320-0405 Tel.
At corner of Clairmont Rd &
Buford Hwy,
inside Buford Plaza

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