A Colored Life: through food

Fall 2009 in Atlanta has been dismal weather-wise: gray, rainy, uninspiring. Where better to add color and excitement to my life than through food. Here’s how I tried to accomplish my enlightening:

Squid Dinner 115

Starting simply with raw vegetables, salad adds an oomph of color with ease.

Squid Dinner 177
Squid Dinner 172
Pure Food and Wine in NYC takes care in it’s presentation of vegetarian plates.

Squid Dinner 137
I handed the staff at the St. Regis a plastic bag of peaches, and they gave them back to me the following day, looking like the above.

Squid Dinner 146
In addition to making one of my favorite drinks, Nava develops a bright tuna entree using mangoes in the bean salad and green herbs in the rice.

Dekalb Farmer’s Market mesmerized me with juicy, red strawberries.

Cafe 101 brought life to shaved ice by putting a variety of fruit as a topping.

And lastly, a special rehearsal dinner groom’s cake presented the full gamut of the rainbow.

Post-Script Disclaimer – my most prized possessions that are near and dear to my heart contain almost no color at all.



One response to “A Colored Life: through food

  1. that tuna looks amazing….but not as delicious as gray!!!

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