Abbatoir – skinny no moir

Following the advice of Eli, I grabbed a work friend and headed over to the newest Star Provisions restaurant, Abbatoir. The goal of the joint is to use ‘locally grown proteins to produce high-quality, affordable food.’ While the menu is chock full of meat and offal, there are many vegetarian offerings that look both interesting and promising.

Here’s what we dove into:

The complimentary bread was off the hook – warm, yeasty, doughy. You can also see the paper menus in the photo which are part of the casual, low-cost experience.


not purchased on a NYC street

Soft Pretzel with grain mustard was salty and had a great tear-factor. Another example of the excellent bread-like products Abbatoir creates, but I must admit it had a tinge of the dark, well-done-ness I don’t care for in pretzels. It would be a big hit for those who buy the extra dark pretzels.


pommes frites, mayonnaise

Delicious – especially the seasoning


soup in a jar

From the food in a jar section of the menu, I selected a soup. Here we have a parsnip soup with apple garnish: when it came to the table, I was excited by the look of it. No one can argue that ‘food in a jar’ is a cool concept. So cool in fact, that I felt compelled to order something from this section just to get into the gimmick. But then I took a spoonful – and it was cold, very cold. It reminded me of when I’d taken a sip of Sprite to find out it was seltzer – or even worse, water to find out it’s vodka. Plainly stated, it was an unpleasant surprise.

I believe this was muenster cheese accompanied by marcona almonds and a fig cake: good combination and a nice amount of cheese was given. I had fun eating all of the parts, separately and together, all with my hands.

surprise! i'm full of it
These little nuggets were filled with ham and cheese: I felt they were veering towards too full with the filling a bit overpowering.


hop hop

My dining companion also ordered the beer braised rabbit with turnips & dandelions: I tried my first bite of rabbit, pushing down the thoughts of white, furry ears. It tasted like a luscious, deeply flavored version of juicy chicken. While I understand the appeal, I stuck with the one bite.


they make me here, freshly, every day

This was not a single-serving dessert – the thing was huge. And the apple pie taste was a classic one, but the lemon-y ice cream was not wholly received by my companion, who wanted the expected vanilla pairing. I personally loved the tart flavored iced cream, but I’m also not excited by traditional apple pie.


cookies and milk

Staying within the theme of my favorite dessert at Bacchanalia, I ordered the fall-inspired cookies and milk. The cookies were ginger flavored with a squash filling – they had a good bit of spice and not too much sweetness. The milk was malted and icy. The combination of the cookies with the milk was not superb, but when i ate/drank them separately they fared much better.


we send you on your way

Along with dessert, Abbatoir gifted us a couple pieces of brittle. Crunchy, and not sticky with a sugar high.

I didn’t love everything, but appreciated the low price point from the Star Provisions group. I’ll have to go back and try out a few more menu items, most specifically from the food in a jar section.

Lesson learned from my meal: Ask if soup is hot or cold.

Lastly, I must share the post meal activity: my friend jumped into her getaway car and sped away.


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2 responses to “Abbatoir – skinny no moir

  1. 1) love the NYC reference

    2) yum, i love cheese plates. looks so good!

    2) love your friend’s car 🙂

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