Zyka: No Frills Indian Food in Decatur

After a long week of work, I long for a super casual Friday night meal. I’m talking ‘you can get away with pajamas, but you would never wear them, but you really want to wear them’ type of joint. Of course, the food’s gotta be good – spicy wanted, gourmet not necessary.

The solution to the equation is Zyka. Serving Indian food cafeteria style in Decatur, Georgia, this place is always filled with Indian people (excellent sign).

Order at the counter and they’ll call you up to grab your tray of food.

a meal for 2

a meal for 2

Top left: Naan (flat bread made from a dough of fine white flour and baked in a clay oven), Muthi Paratha (extra soft multi layered whole wheat bread baked in a clay oven)
Top right: Baghare Baigan (baby eggplant cooked with gravy of sesame seeds, peanuts, tamarind, coconuts, curry leaves and tempered with whole garlic cloves and cumin)
Bottom left: Dal Hyderabadi (pureed lentils slowly simmered with garden fresh tomatoes, cilantro, fresh mint leaves & cumin seeds)
Bottom middle: complimentary onions, jalepenos, lime
Bottom right: Raita (chopped onions, tomatoes, diced potatoes, mint & cilantro mixed with yogurt)

Dessert (pic below): Matka Kulfi (traditional Indian ice cream flavored with Spanish saffron, pistachio nuts and cardamom.

neon green-ish

neon green-ish

The dinner food was comforting, hot (temperature wise, and a major draw for me), and deeply flavored (from the heavy-handed fresh herbs and spices). It’s not the best Indian food in the world (I haven’t been blown away from Indian food anywhere in Atlanta) but it satisfies a lazy, Friday night need. I’m in no way qualified to eat sushi or tasting menus every weekend. On the other hand, I would steer clear of the dessert. It was freezer burnt and I could not detect pistachio, saffron, or cardamom. Big bummer, since it sounded awesome.

I will be returning to Zyka for sure, and maybe even in my pajamas.

Zyka (the taste)
1677 Scott Boulevard
Decatur, GA 30033

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