Yogurberry: Terminus Building Treats

Loving all things Asian, I was stoked to test out the Taro flavored frozen yogurt at Yogurberry.

Touted as a sweeter potato-ish substance, taro root has a beautiful purple flesh that lends well to a lavender colored yogurt.

purpley pleasant

purpley pleasant

Located in the semi-new Terminus building at the intersection of Piedmont and Peachtree, Yogurberry has received mixed reviews when compared to the uber-creamy Yoforia and the self-serve Yogurt Tap. Time to find out for myself.

naturally delightful, and healthy to boot

naturally delightful, and healthy to boot

A tad sweeter than the original tart flavor, the Taro flavor had an amazingly nutty undertone. Topped with kiwi, sliced almonds, and oat bran cereal, I successfully created a yogurt sundae with a good mix of textures and tastes.

Yogurberry will also make you a parfait or a yogurt shake. I can’t wait to try them all out – in taro flavors of course. Good thing I live 30 minutes away from this place so I can pace out the visits.

Yogurberry Frozen Yogurt & Smoothies (Terminus, Buckhead) on Urbanspoon


One response to “Yogurberry: Terminus Building Treats

  1. love me some yogurberry!!!

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