Squid Dinner guest starring tomato sauce, spinach, & garlic

Squid in a bag

Squid in a bag

Apropos first post: a home-cooked dinner that consists of squid. This is where a meal fits all my needs: it has health aspects (spinach) and it incorporates creatures of the sea.

I purchased the “squid in a bag” (photo above) from the Dekalb Farmer’s Market in Decatur Georgia hoping to create a decent weeknight meal that would quench my desire to eat at a restaurant. Cooking these suckers was not very hard or time-consuming (and I am VERY lazy when I get home from work) so that’s saying something.

Step 1: Wash the slippery suckers

Squid filled with h20

Squid filled with h20

Step 2: Cut ’em up

Rings Rings Rings

Rings Rings Rings

Step 3: Gotta add some garlic for flava
Squid Dinner 042

-at the same time take a bag of washed spinach (bought it in a bag) and throw it into a pot with the heat turned up to get rid of some of that spinach volume.
Squid Dinner 054

Step 4: Garlic in the pan heating in some olive oil, and get those squiddies in there too
Squid Dinner 043

Step 5: Take a jar of tomato sauce (your choice) and throw it into a pot – this will be where your meal will end up.

Red sauce in a pot (classico form Costo)

Red sauce in a pot (classico form Costco)

Step 5 & 6 go together: Toss some seasoning (used Old Bay) onto the spinach and lemon juice on the squid



After it cooks for a few minutes move the squid and spinach into the red sauce, cook a couple more minutes and voila:

(actually from Giacomo's in Boston)

(actually from Giacomo's in Boston)


8 responses to “Squid Dinner guest starring tomato sauce, spinach, & garlic

  1. Nice first post! Loved the last pic — it cracked me up. Is this your attempt to prove that you’re not a foodiot?

  2. WHAT ZING, COLOR, PIZZAZZ, SEASONING, and FLAVOR….would like to cuddle up and watch “the squid and the whale” after such a satiating meal

  3. Wow! You’re really quite the renaissance woman. In addition to all your other talents, now we see you can also write and cook. And so what if you’re a food nerd/foodiot – I think it’s in your genes!

  4. Ash, I’m so proud of you!! It’s about time you started this!! Now you can take all the food pictures off your camera (and Lauren’s) and actually do something with them! Can’t wait to read more!

  5. Hmmmm…..I seem to remember helping out a bit. The bracelet gives it away! Soooooooo proud of you. You are on your way to having your own show on Food Network. Such a bigger fan of you blogging than of you twittering (tweeting) all the time.

  6. Finally! You’re blogging! I’ve been waiting so long for this. I’m so impressed. Now you can put all your food pictures to use. I want more-keep blogging!

  7. dg – Thanks! Def not a foodiot.

    Danielle Sheeler – I think that movie is depressing and doesn’t have much food porn in it.

    Mom – Thanks for the genes!

    Lauren – #1 fan I love you!

    Lauren – keep on cookin’ so I will have more to write about! And, I will still be tweeting 🙂

    Jamie – Thanks for all the urging and kicks in the butt. xxx

  8. Looks YUMMY!!! I do think I recognize your personal chef’s hands! 🙂

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